So yeah. Life is weird right now, and scary, and tough. If your nervous system is anything like mine, it is probably super jangly right now.

One of the first steps that helps me is just to tell my nervous system that it's OK to be freaking out. Give it permission to do that.

Then pause, take a breath, and realize that we're still alive! And the world continues to spin, somehow. And the sun continues to shine -- even if it's behind some clouds where you are.

How 'bout that? 😃

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Pronouncement of judgment from Book of Daniel 

@uyakon @Tenacious Narcissists can never admit they’re wrong. They are fundamentally incapable of it. In many cases, they would rather die.

But please, don’t take my word for it. Go look up this personality disorder for yourselves. There’s a lot of stuff that would be helpful to know.

@Tenacious “white-hot, seething rage” — that’s the state I’ve been in since early February 2016.

That’s right — 4 years plus.

I didn’t need to be a prophet to see that something like this was going to happen. I had already lived through the rise to power of another populist despot, 20 years before.

Hugo Chávez.

He and The Donald are far more alike than most people realize. Their ideologies were just a mask. At their core, both are/were consummate pathological narcissists. Wow. This is so good! And I’m happy to say that a lot of these things have been happening for me in the last couple months. Which is very encouraging to realize!

If you’re not in this place in your life currently, I nonetheless believe you can get there. How? If you have trauma/PTSD issues of any sort, as many of us do, I recommend Somatic Experiencing treatment from a trained professional. So helpful!

Privacy violations 

Environmental injustice 

@Vision Very nice to see you on the fediverse, sir.

Your final conversation with Ultron contains some of my favorite movie lines ever. “They’re doomed.” “Yes, but a thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts. It’s a privilege to be among them.”

I hope humanity lasts another thousand years or more. But yes, eventually, I imagine we will go extinct.

That doesn’t need to detract significantly from our enjoyment of today, though.

@1Spider_Man Glad to have you here! I really like your line in Infinity War: “I have thought about it. I can’t save the neighborhood, if there’s no neighborhood left to save.”

@natashar And the friendship that you and @HawKEye_2020 shared? So powerful. You each did the same thing for the other, at different times: saw the other for who they really were, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly; loved the complete package of who they were, as well as who they could become; and believed in them. All without approving of bad behavior or anything.

Seriously, what greater form of friendship or love could there be?

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@uyakon @mplammers Thanks for sharing. I myself have taken the step of signing up for, addressing the unethical practices of another tech giant,

It’s just so encouraging to hear from actual tech workers who are continuing to take positive, diligent action on these and other urgent ethical issues, and to begin to realize just how many of us there are.

@uyakon @mplammers A few more issues mentioned in the linked article:
1. Persecution and firings of trans and LGBTQ employee activists, rather than listening to them about how things can and should be made better;
2. Treating other activists in a similar fashion;
3. Spying on their own employees, internally;
4. Taking these steps from afar, rather than face to face with the employees in question. This allows the decision-makers to avoid treating these people as actual humans.

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